Bienvenue à Québec

Bienvenue à Québec
Bienvenue à Québec

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Plans

After a week of hard work in language classes, everyone is ready for the weekend. Students have Saturday and Sunday free to choose their own activities and travel outside of Québec City if they wish. A group of students are traveling to Montréal, about a two hour drive from Québec and well worth the trip!
A couple of students took a tour up to Tadoussac to go whale watching. This part of Québec is extremely picturesque and having done this trip myself in 2012, I can confirm that they will see and learn much about the different whales that populate the St. Lawrence river as it empties into the Atlantic.
Students staying in town this weekend will have no shortage of activities to engage in and places to go. Le Vieux Québec comes alive on the weekends in June and July, especially when the weather is so nice as it has been these past few days. The festivities are getting set up for la Fête Nationale to be celebrated on Monday night and Tuesday, June 24 - St. Jean Baptiste Day.
Be sure to read their blogs on the right to follow their adventures this weekend!

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